Everything You Need to Know About The Crafty Fox Kettle

Crafty Fox Kettle Range

The Crafty Fox Kettle is a stainless steel kettle ideal for use in all grain brewing. It can be used as a boiler, a sparge water heater, hot liquor tank, BIAB set up and more. High quality stainless steel 304 is used throughout so you can be sure you are buying a top quality product.

Using the Crafty Fox Kettle you’ll be able to produce great tasting beers with ease, there are loads of recipes out there on sites like Brewer’s Friend and we have recipes and videos showing you how to use the kettle too.

BIAB (Brew In A Bag) Method:
The full stainless steel Crafty Fox range is suitable for the BIAB method of brewing. This is a great way to get into all grain brewing and everything can be done in the same pan. There’s no need to sparge therefore it isn’t quite as time consuming.

The Basic BIAB Brewing Process In One Short Paragraph:
Fill the Crafty Fox kettle to 26 litres with water add a mashing bag, heat the water up, add the grain, leave to mash for an hour usually at around 66 degrees C. Then remove the grain, boil the remaining liquid (wort) for 60 minutes, add hop addtitions and Irish Moss. Once the 60 minutes is up cool the wort as fast as you can to fermenting temperature 18-24 degrees C then transfer to your vessel to ferment. This is the very basic outline of the BIAB brewing process and depending on your grain bill will leave you with a final quantity of about 18 litres in the fermenter.

Three versions are available:

Crafty Fox Brew kettle with hop screen and thermometer:

For use on a gas hob. This 30 litre kettle has a hop screen that attaches inside and catches most of the hop material left at the end of the boil. The 3″ bi metal thermometer allows you to keep track of the temperature easily making mashing, boiling and sparging an easy job because you always know what temperature you’re at. It has etched graduated markings inside and a brushed finish.

Crafty Fox Electric Brew Kettle with Thermometer:
This electric version is so easy to use! Plug it in any where and away you go! It has all the features of the normal Crafty Fox Kettle but is more convenient because it’s electric. It adds that extra touch of ease when brewing making your brew day more enjoyable!

Crafty Fox Electric Brew Kettle with Temperature Control:

This is the ultimate kettle as you can accurately control the temperature using the Inkbird which offers that extra level of precision brewing. Accurate temperature control allows you to mash and heat up sparge water without having to adjust the temperature manually. The probe from the Inkbird is inserted conveniently into the thermowell to accurately monitor the mash or sparge water temperature.

In summary any one of these kettles is perfect for all grain brewing and will get you producing craft quality beer in no time.

Check out the full Crafty Fox range here:

We use the electric Crafty Fox kettle for our YouTube videos to show the BIAB method of brewing. Take a look at one of our videos below:

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