Hefeweizen: How to All Grain Recipe


Hefeweizen is a great tasting cloudy German wheat beer with a clove and banana flavour derived from the yeast.  It is lightly hopped with a malty, bready flavour from the wheat and lager malt. In order for it to be a Hefeweizen it has to have at least 50% wheat malt, which along with the clove and banana flavours from the yeast make this one of my favourite beers.  In fact it was through Hefeweizen that I discovered how great beer was! Before that I was more of an alcopops drinker (cringe) so I have a lot to be thankful for.

I used a single infusion mash at 67 degrees so that the alpha amylase enzyme was activated to produce more complex sugars that are less fermentable.  This results in a fuller bodied beer. I then included a mash out step at 75 degrees C just to preserve the sugar profile of the beer. My starting gravity reading was 1.036. During fermentation I tried to keep the temperature at approx 17 degrees C.  This did prove challenging, there was a little fluctuation but despite this it has still produced a great tasting Hefeweizen.

Don’t worry if you go a bit high on the temperature to begin with, I did for the first day and then after that used an Inkbird to keep it at 17 degrees.

Wheat Malt: 3 kilos
Lager malt: 1.24 kilos
Magnum hops:  28 grams

Yeast: White Labs WLP380 Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast

Spec gravity: 1.036

End gravity: 1.014

Mash at 67 degrees for 60 minutes
Mash out 75 degrees for 10 minutes
sparge 75 degrees

Boil for 60 minutes, add hops for the full 60 minutes.

Ferment at 17 degrees.

Happy Brewing!


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