‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ … Spiced Winter Beer

This is a beautiful festive beer, it has a distinctive mulled flavour which is complemented nicely with the bitterness of the hops.  It has a good after taste of cinnamon with a distinct aroma of cloves and a little bite from some ginger.  Scrumptious Christmas drinking!

christmas beer

Ingredients and Method – Makes 5 Gallons/23 litres

4 kg Maris Otter
700 g Crystal malt
40 g Chocolate malt

Mash for 60 minutes at 68 degrees

Sparge at approx 78 degrees.  I used the Inkbird to control the temperature which saved a lot of time and hassle!

The Inkbird ITC-308 Plug N Play

Boil for 60 minutes.

Hop Additions

35 g Challenger – 60 minutes
10 g East Kent Goldings – 15 minutes
10 g Challenger – 15 minutes
15 g East Kent Goldings – 0 minutes
10 g Challenger – 0 minutes

Add 1 tsp of Irish Moss at 15 minutes.

Spice Additions:  Add during the boil at 10 mins.

1½ tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
½ tsp Ginger
½ tsp Cloves


Use Safale s-04 yeast

Ferment for approximately 7 days.
Ideal fermenting temperature is 20 degrees, any where between 18 and 25 degrees will be fine though.

Start gravity reading: 1.044
Final gravity reading: 1.016

Leave to mature for at least 4 weeks.

Happy Brewing!!

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